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Feb 27, 2022 | Reviews, Wakesurfing Boards

The addition of LEDs to your wake surfing experience is a cool way to enhance your nightly wake surfing sessions. Finding the best light-up wakesurf boards is a bit of a challenge though because options are pretty limited at the moment. Because of that, we’ve compiled the best pre-assembled light-up wake surfboards and waterproof LED kits that we could find.

Pre-Assembled Light Up Wakesurf Boards

Brigade Wakesurf LED Board

Without a doubt, Brigade is paving the way for LED wake surfboards. In fact their really the only company that makes preassembled LED boards at the moment. Most of the boards on their website have the option of installing an LED circuit board which they will install for you upon delivery.

Here is a list of their 2021 LED Wakesurf boards. Simply select your favorite board and add the LED option upon checkout.

brigade light up wakesurf board.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Brigade sells their LED kits separately so you will have to buy one of their boards to get a high-quality LED kit, that comes with an LED Remote with 300+ light-changing features, as well as a wireless charger for charging the board.

DIY Light Up Wakesurf Board Kits

  1. Action Glow – For $79.99 Action glow sells high-end waterproof LED light strips specifically made for action sport products like wakesurfing, snowboarding, longboarding, wakeboarding and more.
action glow light up wakesurf led kit
Action Glow action sport light strips

How to put LED Lights on a Wakesurf Board

Placing the LEDs on your board if you’re doing the DIY Method is as easy as peeling and sticking. These LEDs light strips are rechargeable and cuttable so you can strip them to fit your board. Once you have them measured out to the right length simply cut, peel and stick.

Conclusion Paragraph

Wakesurfing is a sport that requires extreme focus and skill. The addition of LEDs to your wake surfing experience is a cool way to enhance your nightly wake surfing sessions. Whether you go with pre-assembled or DIY kits, adding lights will make for an exciting nighttime activity. While you’re putting together your wake surf LEDs don’t forget to check out our beginner to advanced guide on wake surfing tricks to learn on wake surfing.


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