10 Beginner Wakesurf Tricks – How to guide

Oct 4, 2021 | How To Guides, Wakesurfing Tricks

beginner wakesurf tricks

10 Beginner Wakesurf Tricks – How to guide

Wakesurfing is a relatively new sport that has been gaining momentum in recent years. It’s estimated there are now over 100 wake surfing schools located around the world, and wakesurfing competitions continue to grow in popularity. With that said, it can be difficult for beginners to find good advice on how to do wakesurf tricks or even where they should start learning how! In this article we will discuss 10 beginner wakesurf tricks that you can learn to up your game while out on the water.

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Floating is an easy trick for beginners looking to get their feet wet (pun intended!). It’s our favorite go-to beginner move because not only can it be learned fairly quickly, but it gives you that fantastic feeling of accomplishment when you nail it.

How To Float

To execute the float, shift your weight to your toes and then push into the wave to propel yourself up onto the top of it. Now, try to hold that position on top of the wake, if you are able to keep that position, it will look as if you are floating at the top of the wave!


How to carve wakesurfing

Carving on the water is the epitome of style and attitude. The act of riding one side of a wave, rocking back to turn towards the other side, then riding it out is guaranteed to make waves in your social world. If you’re looking for an advanced guide with more tricks check out 20 Wakesurf Tricks To Learn – Beginner to Advanced Guide

How To Carve

To carve on a wakesurf board, you first need to propel yourself forward by pushing your arms out in front of you while keeping them parallel with the wake. Make sure that your legs are flexed to lower your center of gravity as you press off of the water. You can carve all across or make a few turns back and forth for an intermediate-level wake rider.


pumping while wakesurfing

Pumping is super easy and great to learn for beginners. It’s going to be very helpful for creating speed for other tricks and it will help you get back into the wave if you are starting to lag away from the boat. Once you get the hang of this one, you’ll have a solid foundation for other tricks, like 360s, ollies, and pop-shuvs.

How To Pump

Just shift your weight from your front to back foot simultaneously to create speed.


how to snap while wakesurfing

A snap is when you do a boardslide on the wave shooting water over top the wave.

How To Snap

When you are on a wave, start in the back. Pump forward toward the wave, then dig your toes to float up even higher. Then snap your back foot forward to make a big splash.


ollie wakesurfing tricks

An Ollie is when you jump with your wakesurf board and get some air. It’s recommended to first try this outside of the wave and while still holding on to the rope as you are learning. Whichever foot is forward, use that same arm to hold the rope and keep it straight.

How To Ollie

Put weight on your front foot, then bend your knees enough so you can jump up high in the air. Once your board starts popping up, bend even more so you can bring your knees near your chest. Once you are able to get out of the water with this trick, make sure not to put too much weight on one side or it might turn over!


how to 360 on wakesurf

This trick is a little tougher. You need to learn some easier tricks before you try this one. But it is a good wakeboarding trick to start practicing now! When you are riding up the wave, bend your knees and put your backhand in the water. This will make it easier for you to turn toward this arm. You should look over your shoulder as you turn so that you can see where you are going back towards the front again. Like some other wakesurfing tricks, think of your back foot as what makes you turn around at the end.

How To Do A 360 while wakesurfing

When you are riding up the wave, bend your knees and put your backhand in the water. This will make it easier for you to turn.

As you turn, look over your shoulder in order to see where you are going in relation with your front hand in relation to the end of the wave. Your back foot makes a 360s possible when it helps you turn around at the end.


boardslide wakesurfing

A boardslide is similar to a snap, but it is an extended version. These can be done backside (turning your back toward the back away from the boat) or frontside (turning your chest toward away from the boat)

How To Boardslide

To do this trick, you will want to practice your snaps and get them right. Then just take them up to the top of the wake and extend it out. You can do these front side or back side.

Rail Grab

A rail grab is where you hold on to the edge of your board while you’re wakesurfing. First, go in a crouching position and keep your knees close to your body. Hold whichever foot is forward and use the other arm to grab the edge of your board. This helps with learning other tricks

How To Railgrab

Simply grab the edge of your board while riding. You can add your own unique style to this. You can bend your back knee down toward the board to make this look even cooler.

Fire Hydrant

This trick looks pretty sweet, you’ll stick one leg and one arm into the air, leaving the opposite hand grabbing the board, and the opposite foot planted on it. A key is to keep your board flat so you don’t get pushed off.

How To Do A Fire Hydrant

You will put one leg and one arm up in the air. Put your other foot on the board. Now, you need to do this trick! The goal is to have fun–it looks cool and it feels cool when you are doing it. Now that you know these tricks, try them out!

Hang Five

Hang five is a simple wakesurf trick. It’s when you ride with one foot toward the front of the board, unlike the hang ten where you ride with both your feet at the front of the board.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Before you start doing tricks you want to make sure that you have a firm grasp on getting up on the wakesurf board. Some basic things like how to get up wake surfing and feeling comfortable on the board. Once you can ride comfortably without the rope for a decent period of time, and you’re able to quickly find the sweet spot on the wave you should be good to go to start learning these beginner wakesurf tricks.


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