Can you wakesurf while pregnant?

Mar 11, 2022 | Wake Surfing

can you wakesurf while pregnant?
Kolby Fahlsing, wakesurfing while pregnant.

The safest thing to do before you wakesurf while pregnant is to consult with your doctor to fully understand the risks associated and get their expert advice first. There are no studies on whether or not it is safe to wakesurf while pregnant, however that hasn’t stopped some moms from getting in the water.

Kolby Fahlsing for example was 9 months pregnant and decided to wakesurf to get some healthy activity in which helps to induce labor. Fahlsing mentions that it is completely safe to wakesurf while pregnant because unlike wakeboarding, tubing, or skiing you are traveling at a much lower speed around 5-10 mph while wakesurfing.

surfing pregnant
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Other mothers in some wakesurfing forums would argue that it is not safe, however, mostly claiming that it isn’t worth the risk. It seems to boil down to tolerance, skill level, and how confident you feel on the water. It’s true that you can still wipe out while wakesurfing. If you do fall off the board in the water there will without a doubt be some level of impact. The impact is typically pretty low.

If you are very comfortable on the surf board it could very well be a great exercise that has a good range of movement for safely wakesurfing while pregnant. If you do decide to wakesurf while pregnant, it’s probably best to take it easy and avoid doing tricks that will increase your chances of falling hard.

If you are worried about it and find yourself wanting to surf though, it’s best to chat with your doctor to see if it’s something you should do.

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