Can You Wakesurf Without A Tower?

Oct 4, 2021 | Wakesurfing Boats, Wake Surfing

can you wakesurf without a tower?

Yes! You can wakesurf without a tower, however, you may miss out on some key benefits. The tower provides an upward pull, which makes it much easier for beginners to get up on the surfboard. You’ll also be less likely to catch the nose of your board in the water resulting in fewer faceplants.

Wakesurfing without a tower is similar to wakeboarding without a tower.

Benefits of a tower for wakesurfing:

  1. Easier to get up on the board.
  2. Less likely to catch the nose of your board in the water and fall forward.
  3. Easier for beginners to learn how to drop the rope.
  4. Extra stability

What It’s Like To Wakesurf Without A Tower

The only complication that you’ll really have surfing without a tower is that you’ll have more of a downward pull. This might not be suitable for inexperienced riders because you’ll be putting more weight on the front of the board. If the water is choppy it’ll be even more difficult to avoid falling forward into the water.

If you’re a beginner at wake surfing your goal is to eventually drop the rope all together, however, we typically will use the rope to learn the surfing basics like carving, gassing, braking, and finding the sweet spot where you can drop the rope.

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