How To Do A 360 Wakesurfing | Step-By-Step

Mar 14, 2022 | How To Guides, Wake Surfing, Wakesurfing Tricks

How to do a 360 wakesurfing

Let’s talk about arguably the most popular wakesurf trick to learn amongst beginner and intermediate riders, the 360. It really is a go-to move to learn for almost every rider, and for good reason. They just look cool. Honestly, they really aren’t too difficult to learn but it does take some practice. Let’s break it down step-by-step so you can bust this trick out in your next surf session.

Prerequisite: Know how to surf without the rope.

I mean it goes without saying, but you should probably know how to surf without the rope before you try the 360 but if you’re the type that likes to dive right in, like us; then more props to ya!

We break down “how to drop the rope” in this article, how to get up wakesurfing: first try.

Oh, and you should be using a board that will make it easier to spin. Something with small fins so that the current doesn’t work against you too much. Here’s a good board for 360s.

Alright, cool. Let’s learn how to 360.

Here’s a breakdown of each step, we’ll dive deep into each one further below.

  1. Drop back on the wave.
  2. Pump forward and throw your weight into the wave.
  3. Cup your back hand and drop it in the water.
  4. Rotate your head around your shoulder
  5. End your rotation with the front of your board toward the wave.

Step One: Drop back on the wave.

You want to drop back on the wave a little bit. To do this, put some weight on your back foot. This will push you back toward the back of the wave, you want to be a little bit in front of the swell.

Step Two: Pump your weight into the wave.

At his point, you want to shift your momentum toward the wave.

Step Three: Cup your hand and drop it into the water.

Here’s a little tip: Cup your hand and drop it into the water when you pump toward the wave. This will make the water do 80% of the work for you.

Step Four: Rotate your head around your shoulder.

As soon as you push your hand into the water, rotate your head around your shoulder, your body will naturally do the other 20% of the work at this point.

Notice in the below image, the hand drops into the water and he spins his head around his shoulders. That’s what it should look like.

how to do a 360 on wakesurfing

Step Five: End your rotation.

And then finally, you want to end your rotation with the front of your board slightly facing toward the wake. This is how you’ll keep yourself on the wave. A lot of people actually struggle with this part more than the 360 itself. Getting the 360 is actually the easy part. Riding out the wave after the 360 is a bit of a challenge for most but if you concentrate on the landing you should be golden.

Final Tip

Don’t overthink it. The most important thing is that the movement should feel natural to you. Just visualize yourself doing the basic motions that we mentioned here, clear your mind and just rip it.

Honestly, you’ll probably surprise yourself with how close you can get landing this one first try if you don’t think too hard about it.

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