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No boat? No problem. We want to make wake surfing accessible for everyone. We provide everything necessary for an amazing day out on the lake. Whether it’s our boat, or yours we’ll get you, your family, and friends up and surfing in no time. Check out our wake surfing lessons and pricing below.

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Don’t see your area above? No worries, if we have availability we can likely swing a trip out to your lake if that’s what you prefer. Otherwise, our lake is open too. Simply click on the link below to book a date and time to get your wake surfing lessons in. Slots fill up quickly in the summer months!! Make this summer awesome!

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Captain Cisco

Captain Cisco

Hey everyone Captain Cisco here! I can’t express how excited I am to share the Söl Surf Company with all of you. But first I’d like to take the time to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised on a small lake in southwest Michigan. From an early age, I established a passion and appreciation for everything to do with being on the water. From water skiing to fishing or catching frogs and turtles, I simply could never get enough. As I grew older, I began to barefoot ski, wakeboard and fishing local tournaments, all of which I still do to this day. In my teenage years, when the sport of wake surfing began to take off I found myself wishing there was a way for me to get out and try this new sport. I would have done anything to get out on a boat and learn to wake surf.

I quickly realized that there were no camps, or ski schools in the area that offered wake surfing. That marked the beginning of Söl Surf Co. Fast forward to today, and my brother and I own and operate a Surf Charter Company that gets kids and families out on the water to learn about this amazing sport. 

Thank you for choosing Söl Surf Co for your next adventure and we can’t wait to meet you! 

Captain Chris

Hey! Captain Chris here, or as my friends call me “Tune.” First off, I want to say I have had every broken bone, bruise, or concussion you can have from a life full of action sports – snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, even competitive boxing. So, believe me when I say this sport is my new favorite (or my body’s at least). That’s why I’m so excited now to be able to coach and expose kids & families to the sport of inland wake surfing.

1) It’s really easy to learn and beginner-friendly,

2) we have all the gear to make it really accessible and…

3) it’s extremely low impact.

More important than all those things, wake surfing is an absolute blast! I would have done anything to have had the chance to learn this sport when I was younger, enter Söl Surf Co! My brother and I have created a way for anyone to be able to learn wake surfing! We provide the state-of-the-art surf boat, boards, gear, beverages, but most importantly we give enthusiastic, patient, and professional coaching & guidance! 

When I’m not coaching or hanging out on the water myself, you can find me kicking back, playing guitar, or making music! Can’t wait to meet you guys and get to surfing!

Captain Cisco

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Choose between full or half day lessons.

For groups over 6 – we recommend a full-day wake surfing charter for adequate time to teach everyone how to surf and get the individual attention needed.

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10:30am-6pm ( starting at $1,800)

First half: 10:30am-2pm
Second half: 3:00pm-6pm

(starting at $1100)

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